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About US

We at Deccan Delica Foodz Pvt Ltd., have the desire to create a unique snacking experience that would satisfy and tantalize the taste buds. We consciously make sincere efforts in offering wide range of lip smacking treats for everyone who loves ready – to – eat snacks while promising our consumer a journey of innovation, distinct flavours and premium quality.


We revive Indian culinary tradition turn it into culinary perfection by taking rustic desisnacking options which have been a part of our culture since generations and offer them in diverse flavours. We believe taste and quality of food should never be compromised but no snack in the market seemed to fit the bill that is why we put in our best efforts to stick to these principles and created Savis. We at Savis make use of hand – picked ingredients which are of natural and highest quality.


We intend to be a game – changer in the market by introducing and delivering a healthy blend of ethnic, nutritious, tasty and wholesome snacks with a modern and healthy twist which we call as ‘smart snack’ to  give consumers a yummy & guilt-free snacking experience.

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